‘Immediate’ aspirin could save your life…

The period following a suspected heart attack is critical – and every second counts. A one off dose of ‘Immediate’ aspirin could save your life!

At DialaChemist we like to offer help and advice on a variety of medical topics – the following information could save your life and provides detail on what action to take in the event of a suspected heart attack.

If you are experiencing chest pain, breathlessness and feeling generally unwell and suspect it may be indigestion, take an antacid – in the vast majority of cases the symptoms of indigestion will have eased within 10-20 minutes of taking the antacid. If the symptoms persist, spread, or get worse seek immediate medical advice/attention in case it is a heart attack – DO NOT WAIT.

Also, a dose of ‘Immediate’ aspirin (300mg) has been shown to significantly reduce deaths from heart attack, and the earlier it is taken during a heart attack, the greater the benefit. Aspod® from DialaChemist is the only system in the world specifically designed to provide you with instant access to an emergency dose of soluble aspirin – wherever you are, 24 hours a day, even in the dark – and many senior health care professionals recommend that an emergency dose of 300mg soluble aspirin is carried at all times by people over the age of 50.

Contact DialaChemist today to order your Aspod® system – at less than £5 it’s a small price to pay for a product that could save your life.