Getting started with your weight loss goal…

Did you know that, according to research, physical activity undertaken outdoors can burn 20 percent more calories than the same workout indoors?  Furthermore, it can improve your balance as well as your muscle and mental health. So if you’re ready to kick start your weight loss programme and the idea of a sweaty, busy gym puts you off your weekly workout, make the most of Spring, get outdoors and enjoy all the benefits that exercising in the fresh air can bring.

Here are some DialaChemist recommendations to get you started with your weight loss goal:

Invest in a skipping rope. Skipping is a full body workout – as well as improving flexibility and coordination you can get the children involved too and make it a family challenge to see who can do the most tricks!

Choose a simple park bench and use it to perform stretches before and after a work out – or you can use it as a ledge on which to do press ups and step ups.

Set yourself targets by using markers on the road or in the park when you’re out running. Why not sprint all the way to a lamppost in the distance? You could even take turns setting goals with your running partner to push yourself further.

Head for the hills and make the most of natural inclines – downhill running isn’t easily replicated in the gym and uses different muscles to flat or uphill running

Use natural obstacles. Running through the woods on a bright and sunny afternoon and being mindful of the natural obstacles will improve your balance and keep your mind occupied, instead of focusing on those burning muscles!