Why it’s important to replace lost fluids…

It’s important to replace lost fluids – especially as the warmer weather creeps in. Water keeps every part of our bodies working properly, helps us to flush out waste and stay at the right temperature. We lose water naturally throughout the day through our breath, sweat, urine and bowel movements, and in order to stay healthy we need to replace this lost fluid to prevent dehydration.

It is recommended that we should drink eight glasses of water each day, therefore making sure that we replace the fluid lost is essential in extreme circumstances i.e. during exercise, hot weather and illness. Oral rehydration therapy (ORT) is an effective way of preventing and treating dehydration by replacing lost fluid and salt.

DialaChemist are now stocking ORS Hydration tablets as part of our specialist offering of medicines and health aids on our website. Based on a standard oral rehydration salts formula containing a balanced combination of glucose, salts and electrolytes, the soluble tablets help to maintain a fluid balance.

ORS Hydration tablets are ideal for professional and recreational athletes, visitors to hot/tropical countries and people who work in hot climates, providing a safe and effective way of replenishing lost fluid and salts.

ORS Hydration tablets are also used to treat those suffering with severe diarrhoea. Replacing the fluid and salts that may have been lost due to illness is essential for effective bodily function. Easy to use and available in lemon, blackcurrant and strawberry, the tablets are great tasting, making them ideal for both adults and small children. ORS tablets are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, are free from artificial preservatives, and do not contain yeast, gluten or lactose.

To use:

  • Measure 200ml of drinking water
  • Add two tablets
  • Wait until the tablets are fully dissolved (or stir if required)
  • Drink the correct volume slowly according to the dosage guidelines

Always read the guidelines and check with your GP before you take ORS if you take any other medication or have any other medical conditions.