Gluten Free devotee Novak Djokovic marries four days after Wimbledon triumph…

Four days after his Wimbledon triumph and “gluten free diet” devotee, Novak Djokovic has married his pregnant fiancée in a private ceremony in Montenegro.

Djokovic and childhood sweetheart Jelena Ristic were wed Thursday in a swish resort on the Adriatic coast.

Local media say the newly weds were joined by family, friends and guests, but away from the public eye.

Djokovic who claims following a “Gluten Free” diet was a real game changer to his tennis career battled with Roger Federer over five sets to claim his second Wimbledon title. He dedicated the triumph to his fiancee and “our future baby”.

Djokovic and Ristic first laid eyes on eyes on each other in high school. They have been in a relationship for more than eight years and are expecting their first child later this year.

According to reports, resort workers, waiters and staff were made to sign confidentiality agreements and were not allowed to use their mobile phones throughout the day.

It’s hard to believe that nearly five years ago the tennis star was barely able to finish a game let alone win a tournament like Wimbledon. Plagued by tight chest pain and stomach spasms and unable to overcome breathing problems and fatigue Novak feared his career was over before it had even begun.

That was until a medical professional told him he was gluten intolerant, a diagnosis which would allow the Serbian to revamp his diet and become the top player in the world.

“I had to learn to listen to my body,” says Novak in his new book Serve To Win. “Once I did everything changed. You could call it magic. It felt like magic.”

Implementing a diet of gluten-free pasta, rice, bread, oatmeal plus other gluten-free carb-rich foods has seen his energy levels soar. Since his diet change, Novak has gone on to win over 10 major tennis titles, three Grand Slams and 53 consecutive matches in 2011.

“I also make sure my diet is full of fruit and leafy green vegetables so my body has the nutrients it needs,” he says.

Going gluten free is something anybody can try says the tennis star. He advises to start by eliminating gluten from your diet for two weeks. For the following fortnight try to cut down on excess sugar and dairy.

“You’ll feel great. One thing my friends have noticed is how much my moods and energy levels have evened out. I’m no longer anxious, unfocused or prone to smashing a racket after a disappointment“.

“My life has changed because I now eat the right foods for my body. I feel fresher, more alert and more energetic than I have in my life. You certainly don’t have to be a tennis pro to make the changes I did to improve your body, your health and outlook on life.”

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