Win a gluten-free box of goodies…

It’s back! The Great British Bake Off returned to our screens last night on BBC 1 – and to celebrate, why not take part in our own Gluten Free Bake Off for a chance to win a gluten-free box of goodies?!

The Great British Bake Off features twelve amateur bakers who will take part in a ‘bake-off’ each week – the ‘bake-off’ will test every part of their baking skills until one of them wins TV’s most coveted baking prize, Best Amateur Baker.

Baking is a skill and getting the right blend of ingredients, mix, texture and overall bake is key to achieving pastries, cakes and sweet treats even Mary Berry would be proud of!

But what if you must follow a gluten free diet? Does this mean you must cut out all those naughty treats we eat and love?

Well the good news is NO!

Gluten is a protein and although bread flour does not contain large amounts of protein it is very important for the bread making process. When flour is mixed with water, the gluten swells to form a continuous network of fine strands. These strands form the structure of the bread dough, making it elastic and extensible. So removing this essential protein poses another baking problem for all you gluten free bakers out there.

This means you have to use a flour substitute which has alternative ingredients already added in them to make your dough sticky and help them hold their shape.

At Dialachemist we stock Glutafin multipurpose white and fibre mixes, which are suitable for making cakes, pastry, biscuits, breads, scones and batters – and to celebrate the return of The Great British Bake Off, we are offering 10% off these products throughout the entire run of the series!

Now there’s a chance for you to win your own baking prize – just send pictures of your gluten free cakes, pies and pastries to and the one which looks the most delicious will win a gluten free box of goodies at the end of Great British Bake Off series!!!

………………And remember nobody wants a soggy bottom!

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