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Rehydrate with ORS Hydration

April 25, 2016|Latest News|

Why it's important to replace lost fluids... It’s important to replace lost fluids – especially as the warmer weather creeps in. Water keeps every part of our bodies working properly, helps us to flush out waste and stay at the right temperature. We lose water naturally throughout the day through our breath, sweat, urine and bowel movements, and in order to stay healthy we need to replace this lost fluid to prevent dehydration. It is recommended that we should drink eight glasses of water each day, therefore making sure that we replace the fluid lost is essential in extreme [...]

The Benefits of Probiotics

February 28, 2016|Latest News|

The benefits of taking probiotics as a dietary supplement... Probiotics have had their time in the media spotlight and as a result become something of a diluted health industry buzzword with many consumers misunderstanding their genuine purpose and the benefits of taking probiotics as a dietary supplement. One too many yoghurt adverts have watered down the benefits to a basic “it’s good for your stomach” fundamental consumer opinion. It’s not entirely incorrect but it doesn’t do these magnificent little bacteria nearly enough justice. To start from the ground up, probiotics are living ‘healthy’ bacteria cultures similar to those found [...]

Stoptober 2015

October 7, 2015|Latest News|

Are you ready to take on the Stoptober challenge? Stoptober is a 28-day no-smoking health campaign that runs throughout the month of October – and if you can quit smoking for 28 days it means you are five times more likely to stop for good! You wont be alone – join in the campaign via Facebook or Twitter and you will be supported by thousands of people going through the same thing. As soon as you join, you will receive as much (or as little) support as you want to keep you on track. All Stoptober support is FREE [...]

#Launchyourloaf Competition

April 22, 2015|Latest News|

Have your chance to be creative with Newburn Bakehouse... As part of the launch of their Newburn Bakehouse Artisan Loaves, Warburtons are running a #Launchyourloaf competition. They’ll be asking their customers for suggestions as to which loaf they would like to see join their delicious bread on the free-from aisle. So now you can help them decide whether it will be a free-from Tiger white bread or a free-from Toastie bread! To enter this great competition, all you have to do is go to the Newburn Bakehouse website and provide your suggestion – go on, be as creative as you like!  The product [...]

Weight Loss Tips…

March 10, 2015|Latest News|

Getting started with your weight loss goal... Did you know that, according to research, physical activity undertaken outdoors can burn 20 percent more calories than the same workout indoors?  Furthermore, it can improve your balance as well as your muscle and mental health. So if you’re ready to kick start your weight loss programme and the idea of a sweaty, busy gym puts you off your weekly workout, make the most of Spring, get outdoors and enjoy all the benefits that exercising in the fresh air can bring. Here are some DialaChemist recommendations to get you started with your weight loss goal: Invest [...]

Forza Raspberry K2

March 9, 2015|Latest News|

Forza Raspberry K2 Any weight loss product which is based on natural ingredients is worth looking at - and Forza Raspberry K2 certainly falls into this category. It has numerous celebrity endorsements, extensive medical backing and some great customer feedback. Bearing this in mind, it’s really no surprise to see the storm that has surrounded the Forza Raspberry K2 diet product. It’s prompted some fantastic weight loss stories and while the celebrity endorsements from the likes of Binky Felstead, Casey Batchelor and Luisa Zissman have brought it national attention, it’s the impressive medical studies and other customer feedback that makes it a winner. Forza [...]

Dry January

January 1, 2015|Latest News|

Charity Alcohol Concern launch Dry January... The small national charity Alcohol Concern have launched their 2015 Dry January campaign supported by Public Health England. The campaign encourages people from all over the UK to give their body a break following Christmas and the party season by not drinking alcohol in January. 17,312 people took part in Dry January 2014 with over 80% saying they’d cut down on the amount they’d drink for the rest of the year. Alcohol Concern is a small national charity with a huge vision to change the drinking culture in the UK. They work with a [...]

Aspod ‘Immediate’ aspirin

November 5, 2014|Latest News|

'Immediate' aspirin could save your life...The period following a suspected heart attack is critical – and every second counts. A one off dose of ‘Immediate’ aspirin could save your life!At DialaChemist we like to offer help and advice on a variety of medical topics – the following information could save your life and provides detail on what action to take in the event of a suspected heart attack.If you are experiencing chest pain, breathlessness and feeling generally unwell and suspect it may be indigestion, take an antacid - in the vast majority of cases the symptoms of indigestion will have eased within 10-20 [...]

You’re in safe hands…

October 28, 2014|Latest News|

1. We are registered!Any pharmacy, whether online or on the high street must be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). The GPhC inspects all registered pharmacies to ensure they are operating safely and legally. An online pharmacy is NOT just someone selling medicines online - they must be registered and follow a set of codes and procedures to ensure that their customers and patients are kept safe.A registered online pharmacy should have the GPhC pharmacy logo prominently displayed on their website and link to their registration on the GPhC website. Ours is displayed in the footer at the bottom [...]

Head lice

October 9, 2014|Latest News|

Has getting rid of head lice left you scratching your head?Has getting rid of headlice left you scratching your head?It’s the part of school all parents dread - the return of the headlice! But with help from Dialachemist you can look forward to you and your kids being bug free!What are headlice?Having headlice doesn’t mean you are dirty or have hygiene problems - they can't fly, jump or swim and are spread by head-to-head contact, climbing from the hair of an infected person to the hair of someone else. Head lice are whitish to grey-brown in colour, and smaller than the [...]

Stoptober 2014

September 30, 2014|Latest News|

Want to quit smoking? Take on the Stoptober challenge...Want to quit smoking? Take on the Stoptober challenge...Stoptober is a 28-day no smoking health campaign that is running throughout the month of October. Quitting smoking for 28 days means you are five times more likely to stop for good!You wont be on your own - join in the campaign via Facebook or Twitter and you will be supported by thousands of people going through the same thing – and as soon as you join, you will receive as much (or as little) support as you want to keep you on track.All [...]

Coeliac Disease

September 25, 2014|Latest News|

Coeliac disease is a common digestive condition where a person has an adverse reaction to gluten.Gluten is a protein, commonly found in wheat rye and barley. Gluten is also found in:PastaCakes (flour)                            CerealsBreadSaucesReady meals/fast foodBeer (barley)Coeliac disease brings about an automimmune response, where the body’s natural defence against infection attacks healthy tissue. It is the substances found within gluten that are found to be a ‘threat’ and so the body attacks them. The ‘attack’ damages the villi in the small instestine, which are responsible for absorbing nutrients. If they are damaged [...]

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